Cage Your Queue

Add every Nicolas Cage movie to your Netflix queue with a single click

What is Cage Your Queue?

Cage Your Queue is the internet's leading Nicolas-Cage-centric, batch queue management tool for Netflix. It adds all availalable DVDs of Nicolas Cage movies to your Netflix queue.

What will Cage Your Queue do to my Netflix account?

It adds as many Nicolas Cage DVDs as it can (or you specify) to the end of your Netflix DVD queue. Once you close your browser, Cage Your Queue forgets you ever existed. If you feel paranoid, you can remove Cage Your Queue's privleges from your account settings in Netflix.

But you want my password...

You're giving that information to Netflix, not to Cage Your Queue. Through a complicated and seductive web-based tango (oAuth), Netflix and Cage Your Queue speak to one another without Cage Your Queue ever knowing your password.

Why doesn't [x movie] show up?

Cage Your Queue only works with available DVDs. In order to not spew Nicolas Cage titles in your Instant, DVD, and Saved queues, Cage Your Queue omits unavailable DVDs and titles only available instantly. Sorry, Vampire's Kiss fans.

Wasn't this called Cageflix before?

It was. Turns out Netflix didn't like that.

Cage Your Queue keeps no information about you or your Netflix account.

Created by Wonder-Tonic